Mainline Inspections With PipeLogix

Whether using PipeLogix or MuniXS, Mainline surveys are created within a project folder.  Both programs allow you to import and export PACP surveys into the PACP transfer file.

When using MuniXS, only one project is created although it can contain unlimited surveys.  All videos are recorded in WMV format using an AverMedia USB capture device.  Wizards help to enter survey fields correctly for PACP.  Report creation within MuniXS is also limited.

In PipeLogix, there can be multiple projects within a database.  The pipe detail for a pipe created in a mainline survey is stored in the pipe database.  This enables PipeLogix to use a pipe in multiple surveys in a database.

There are two modules available to create mainline surveys–Full Reporting and Lite Reporting.  As the name implies, Full Reporting has more features that can be used to interface with GIS and control functions within PipeLogix.  Both have import/export functions, can create Grout surveys and use any mode.

The DVS module is used to create the video file.  The formats available with the module is MPG1, MPG2, and WMV.  MPG4 is an additional module that can be added to DVS.

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