Lateral Inspections With PipeLogix

The lateral survey form is available for use in the PACP, PACP v7, WRc or Standard customizable mode and works with push camera systems for inspections from a clean out or with lateral launch equipment from a mainline survey run.  It is available with the PipeLogix Full Reporting and Lite Reporting modules.

When combined with the PipeLogix DVS license each lateral inspection movie captured is a separate file even when inspecting from a mainline with a lateral launch camera. There is no need to inspect the mainline on the way out and the laterals on the way back.  Simply enter the tap/lateral code in the mainline survey form and save it, select the handy LS tool button to take you to the lateral survey form and relevant header fields like tap footage are automatically entered for you into the lateral survey form.  Just save your required header field entries and start your video.  When the survey is completed, close and you are back in your mainline survey ready to append your mainline video to go to the next condition.


Lateral Cross Bore Found In PipeLogix

Transitioning From Mainline To Lateral Inspection


Lateral Inspection Survey

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