PACP Coding Services From PipeLogix

PipeLogix now offers PACP coding services for 360 degree mainline and manhole surveys.  This service allows our customers to take on additional work with out the hassle or expense of hiring an additional PACP or MACP certified coder and helps you produce professional deliverables in record time.

Our coding services include NASSCO’s newest version PACP7 and MACP7.  We also offer both level one and level 2 MACP inspections.

How It Works

1- Record 360 Surveys

Using IBAK PANORAMO equipment record surveys in PACP format. Surveys can be collected in PipeLogix or different PACP inspection software. As long as the surveys are collected in PACP mode, we will be able to import the data to PipeLogix.

2- Mail Us Your Surveys To Code

Your survey data will be housed at either our California or Michigan offices where it is secure. At no point does your data leave our facilities.

3- Your Surveys Are Coded

PipeLogix’s team of PACP and MACP certified coders take your raw mainline or manhole inspections and code them into NASSCO version 6 or 7 deliverables.

4- Get Paid

Once complete, PipeLogix returns your fully coded survey data that is ready for you to submit to your customer.

Want to learn more about PipeLogix’s coding services?