GIS Integration With Pipeline Inspection Surveys

The GIS module was developed to give the CCTV Operator a visual aid in selecting the pipe to survey. Since its release in 2004, new functionality has been added to assist the Supervisor and Engineer.  An ArcGIS license is required and ArcGIS 10.0 through ArcGIS 10.6.1 are supported.

Full Reporting and GIS module

  • Import asset layers
  • Import visual layers including Raster files
  • Export survey detail
  • Export shape files for New Pipes, Pipes with specific conditions, or Pipes with selected Grade or Score Values
  • Select a group of pipes from the map displayed in the PipeLogix Browser and create a project of surveys
  • Build a flow layer to view the flow direction in the pipes
  • Export the survey conditions to display in ArcMap at the recorded distance

Lite Reporting and GIS module

  • Inspector can select pipes to inspect from displayed map in the survey form
  • Surveyed pipes are highlighted on the map so the Inspector knows what pipes are completed
  • Annotate layers

ArcMap Toolbar

  • View from ArcMap the surveys, video, pictures, or reports for the pipe
  • Select a group of pipes from ArcMap and create a project of surveys in PipeLogix
  • Import a group of pipes from a geodatabase and create a project of surveys with a map in PipeLogix
  • Link the exported layer of conditions in ArcMap directly to the movie

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