360 Inspections Module

The 360 Survey Module is designed to work with the new scanning cameras like Panoramo and Panoramo SI.  When 360 is paired with a Lite Reporting License, it launches the Panoramo scanner and also creates Mini-movies.  The IPF file is created and can be played back and reviewed.  The powerful analysis tools built into 360 are combined with a Full Reporting License to create accurate survey data from three different pipe views.  The Full View resembles the traditional survey movie with travel through the pipe controlled by your computer mouse.  You can travel fast, slow, pan and tilt or zoom to problems.

The Overview shows the entire length of the pipe as an unfolded segment.  Measurement tools are provided to accurately measure cracks, intrusions, pipe diameter and even the water level.

When you log observations into the survey form the footage and clock reference are automatically entered.  Take pictures or use the measuring tools; they both link directly back to the PipeLogix survey form.  The start and end of a continuous defect can be seen in the overview layout.  Log the start of the continuous defect and the End Continuous Defect button automatically enters the accurate ending footage.  Re-occurring conditions like Tap Factory Active are automatically entered with the Repeat Observation Tool Button.

When combined with a Manhole License, 360 can launch the Panoramo SI scanner to create the IPF file as well as create a MACP manhole survey.  All of the same capabilities you have with Full Reporting are available to you and with Manhole you also can add the 3D Measurement module to draw graphics on protrusions or pipe inlets to get accurate measurements by simply clicking on the graphic.

The 360 survey module also includes a point cloud feature that also gives you a 3D view of your manhole and provides exact measurements.  This file may also be exported as an autocad file.

All data collected using the 360 Player may be exported allowing you to share survey data from either Pipe or Manhole surveys.

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