Manhole Inspections With PipeLogix

The PipeLogix Manhole Inspection Module is available as a stand-alone license or as an add-on to an existing Full Reporting or Lite Reporting module for pipe inspection. If you choose to add the Manhole Module to an existing license, it takes on the attributes of that module, whether Full Reporting or Lite Reporting.

If used alone, the Manhole Module has all of the same editing and management functions of a Full Reporting Module. You will have access to manhole inspections or to the node asset editors. Survey detail can be added as either MACP 6 or 7 format or with the WRc and Standard modes to the ASCE format. You can take pictures for each section of a manhole or import other media files.

Record & Import Videos From A Pole Camera or GoPro

When you add a DVS module you can record the entire inspection as a video file directly from a pole camera or a GoPro type camera.  As you enter and save information about a component a link to the video is created just as in a pipe inspection. Then you can add pictures to each component section as you record the video.  If you are unable to connect your camera directly to your computer, you may record and import your inspection.  After importing you can then add pictures in the office from the recorded video.

Record 360° PANORAMO Surveys

Using an IBAK PANORAMO SI system with our 360° module, you can record the PANORAMO file in the field and later in the office you can perform an in depth survey with highly detailed measurements of the manhole and associated components. You can link each component to that section of the PANORAMO survey and add in pictures for observations or segments. A 360 Manhole Export is available for easy sharing of PANORAMO manhole surveys.  The 360 export allows anyone to view 360° surveys, observations, pictures or reports without needing to install any software on their computer.

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