Digital Video Survey Modules

DVS (Digital Video Survey) Module provides an improved way of storing and viewing sewer surveys that are collected each year by cities and contractors.  DVS records a digital file of the survey as an MPEG or WMV file as the CCTV Operator is entering the observations seen in the pipe using PipeLogix.

Benefits of DVS

  • Compact storage method
  • Record in MPG 1, MPG 2 or WMV format
  • Direct access to specific survey defect sections
  • DVS Player Export to share surveys without loading any software
  • Archive of movies to network location for sharing

DVS Features

  • Pause
  • Auto Pause
  • Append
  • Archive
  • File Naming

DVS Player

DVSplayer is a great way to share information.
Surveys are selected and exported quickly and easily
with the built in CD/DVD burn function in PipeLogix. The disc created is auto loading, requiring no program installation by the user/viewer. Surveys can also be sent to a folder on your computer or network drive.  View survey detail including header information, movie, pictures, and conditions. The tabular and Pipe Graphic reports are included as well as the Picture List (new with version 6.4.8). Lateral surveys done from the mainline are available as links off the mainline.

This image of a Desert Kangaroo Rat was captured through with the DVS module utilizing a Pearpoint mainline inspection system during a survey in the Coachella Valley region of Southern California. Affectionately nicknamed “Kanga”, the crew enjoyed a lengthy encounter with this rarely seen endangered animal, who seemed to enjoy being “in the spotlight.

Additional Digital Video Modules

The MPEG 4 Module is available with Version 6.4.8 or newer. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is required to record and view the video. The Windows 7 standard decoders are used to playback the video file. Features include Stope and Pause. Append is not available with MPEG 4.

A HASP dongle is required. If you have a parallel port, purple USB, or black USB key it will need to be returned to Pipelogix so you can be sent a HASP USB key with MPEG4 added to your other modules.

HD Video is our newest recording format.  Currently it is limited to use with the IBAK HD camera.  It requires a special capture card and records in H.264 video resulting in a high definition video.  The captioning is controlled within Pipelogix rather than with a hardware device.  Features include Stop and Pause.

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