PACP Inspection Reporting Mode

PipeLogix was first certified by NASSCO in 2003 to PACP version 2.2.  Since then NASSCO has required stricter certification standards and also released LACP and MACP.  When NASSCO decided to upgrade from PACP version 6 they formed a committee and spent over 3 years in discussion to improve the standard.  PipeLogix was involved every step of the way.

With the changes required for version 7, we decided to not just update our PACP mode, but create a new version 7 mode.  Now you may continue to use either version 6 or version 7 to collect the survey detail and later have the data converted for use in either a version 6 or version 7 database.  Of course we will continue to support importing from all of the existing PACP transfer database versions so your historic data will always be usable.

PACP Reporting For:

Mainline Inspection

Reporting Software For Mainline Pipeline Inspections


Lateral Inspection

Reporting Software For The Inspection Of Lateral Pipelines


Manhole Inspection

Reporting Software For Manhole and 360 Manhole Inspections


GIS Integration

GIS Solutions for Integrating Pipeline Inspection Data


PACP Reporting Features Include:

  • All PACP defect codes
  • All LACP defect codes
  • Ten custom fields
  • Evaluation reports including quick rating
  • Code validation—required fields must have valid entries
  • Surveyors Name can be selected to automatically include their Certificate Number
  • Import and Export to PACP Version 6.0 database (earlier versions of import supported)
  • Import/Export to PACP Version 7.0 database

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