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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Computer System Requirements To Run PipeLogix?2021-10-25T18:21:59+00:00

Any rack mount, tower or laptop computer meeting the minimum requirements can be used with PipeLogix.

Minimum requirements for PipeLogix Reporting:

  • Intel Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 10 in either 64 or 32 bit
  • Printer port or USB port for license key

Minimum requirements for PipeLogix with DVS video module:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 in either 64 or 32 bit
  • Intel Processor: I5-2500 and above, or I7-3770 and above (Please note the newest Intel processors codename Kaby lake or i5/i7-7xxxx series will only support Windows 10)
  • RAM: 8 GB recommended
  • Graphics Card: Onboard processors i5/i7-4xxxx and above or dedicated video card with 2GB of Memory
  • Hard Drive 1: 120gb SSD
  • Hard Drive 2: 1TB data storage drive
  • Video Capture Card: Avermedia C027 PCI-ex
  • RS232 port or USB port with adapter for communication with CCTV system
  • If laptop computer, USB 2.0 port for capture device

Supported Video Capture Cards:

  • AverMedia PCIx-Ec027
  • AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 USB
  • AverMedia DVD EZMaker USB Gold
  • KWorld DVD Maker USB 2.0 (drops frames at 720 x 480 resolution)
What Inspection Equipment Is Compatible With PipeLogix?2020-03-05T16:12:53+00:00

PipeLogix Phoenix and Version 6.5 is directly compatible with nearly every inspection system.  Those we are not directly compatible with can still work with either program by utilizing an XBOB text overlay system.  For more information regarding compatible CCTV systems, click here.

How is PipeLogix software sold?2016-07-20T20:48:42+00:00

PipeLogix software is sold through our Dealers. If there is not a dealer in your area, please call us at 866.299.3150.

Can you view the database without a license?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

An installed copy of Version Six will open as a Reader if a dongle/license key is not on the computer. All survey information can be viewed or printed. Editing or creating new surveys will not be allowed. The database can be viewed from a network, hard drive, or CD.

Can fields be made mandatory?2016-07-12T01:30:34+00:00

A Full Reporting license is required so that there is access to the Administration Program. Once logged in as a Supervisor, fields can be made mandatory in the survey forms simply by right clicking on the field name and choosing mandatory.

How are codes modified?2016-07-12T01:29:57+00:00

PIPELOGIX software has a built-in code editor that allows changes be made to existing codes or new codes are added. Certain modes restrict the editing of codes. PACP for example does not allow any changes to the codes other than the addition of inspectors to the Operator list.

How can a survey be moved to a different database?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

With a Full Reporting license, surveys can be moved between Projects or Databases with the Copy/Paste function.

Is there an easy way to rename video files?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

With the PIPELOGIX software you can create a file naming template that will use information stored in the tables when naming your video file. For example you could have it named for the upstreamMH_downstreamMH_surveydate_consecutive letter. This will be done either as the file is created or when it is archived (removed) from the truck’s computer hard drive. It is your choice.

Can assets be imported into PipeLogix software?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

Mainline, Lateral, and Manhole detail is stored in dedicated tables in the Microsoft Access database. That is why it has always been able to handle transfer of asset detail easily with other software products. The information is viewed in the asset form that can be accessed from the Browser Screen or the Survey Form. If you select to view a pipe from the browser screen, you can choose to view all surveys done on that asset.

Can a Master Database be created with information from several different trucks?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

The Full Reporting License has a copy and paste function that allows you to move data between databases. Projects or Surveys can be copied and pasted to a new database. This procedure renames the associated video files, so it is recommended that the File Naming function for pictures and video be used.

Can an asset exist in PipeLogix software without a survey associated with it?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

Because PIPELOGIX maintains separate asset tables from survey tables in the database, assets can be imported or entered into Pipelogix without doing a survey.

Can asset detail be entered into a survey from a map or list?2016-11-01T18:29:35+00:00

Asset detail can be imported into PIPELOGIX software from many different sources. If the GIS module is used, asset detail is imported from a shape file. During the CCTV inspection, the operator can call up the area map and select the pipe to inspect. This inserts the imported detail into the survey form saving the operator time and chance of error. The operator also has the choice of selecting the pipe from the Pipe List available in the survey tool bar.

Can the survey history for a selected asset be viewed?2016-07-12T01:15:48+00:00

The asset form has a menu choice to view all associated surveys for the asset. All reports, pictures, and movies for all surveys done on the asset can be viewed by paging through the survey forms.

What Versions of Microsoft are Supported?2017-02-21T03:00:08+00:00

PipeLogix Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 bit and 64 bit). Call the Support Desk if you have setup issues.

Is MPEG 4 available?2016-07-12T01:13:49+00:00

Version 6.4.8 includes the option to add an MPEG 4 Module. The DVS Module is a minimum requirement.

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