PipeLogix Business Partners

As an ESRI Business Partner, PipeLogix has developed a GIS interface to benefit both the CCTV truck operators in the field as well as the engineers reviewing the data back in the office. ArcGIS 10.0 through 10.8.2 are currently supported for shape files, Geodatabases (Personal and Enterprise) and File Geodatabases.

As an implementation partner, PipeLogix has developed our own Cityworks interface.  Using this integration, survey data and asset information can be imported into Cityworks.  Furthermore, work orders created in Cityworks can be exported and linked to PipeLogix.

The two step data exchange with Hansen IMS Version 7.5 (or greater) allows asset information in a Group Project or Group Inspection to first be exported from Hansen into an intermediate NDEU Access database and then imported into a PipeLogix project to complete the inspections.

lucity users can import assets, pipes or manholes, into the PipeLogix asset tables. The assets are exported from the lucity Browse function. Contact Lorenzo Lopez to learn more about this feature at 866.299.3150.  lucity has built a data import from a PipeLogix database or from the PACP transfer file to import survey detail into lucity. Contact lucity for more information.