PipeLogix stores inventory and inspection data to show compliance with the maintenance requirements of this regulation.  The Asset Editors store information about size, lining, and last cleaned date as well as allowing you to view all inspections done on the asset.  The CCTV Inspections (Surveys) list can also be filtered based on defect values for both viewing of inspections or printing as a list report.  The evaluation reports like Structural Score or O&M Score as well as Defects by Inspection help to prioritize assets.


Information about the assets can be stored including installation dates.  With the advanced scoring and reporting capabilities available with PipeLogix, estimating the life expectancy of a pipe is made easier.


NASSCO has certified PipeLogix PACP/LACP and MACP survey modes.  This insures that you can use PipeLogix to collect information about the condition of your assets and be able to share that data with other software programs easily and accurately.