Infor Public Sector Compatibility

PipeLogix® Software is fully compatible with Hansen V8, Hansen V7 (both formula and non-formula versions) and NDEU (Neztek Data Exchange Utility).

The two step data exchange with Hansen IMS Version 7.5 (or greater) allows asset information in a Group Project or Group Inspection to first be exported from Hansen into an intermediate NDEU Access database and then imported into a PipeLogix project to complete the inspections.

PipeLogix Version 6.n.n imports not only the Asset Information but also the observation and asset codes used within the Hansen program. The survey form resembles the Hansen inspection form allowing for a Type field and a code field. Once the survey has been completed, PipeLogix exports the information back into the NDEU Access database allowing the Hansen Supervisor to view any changes to asset information before importing the survey information into their Hansen database. With Hansen 8 all pictures and movies are also available to import.

When a user imports into a PACP PipeLogix database, only PACP Header and Condition codes will import. PipeLogix creates a special Hansen import PACP mode that only uses the imported PACP codes from Hansen but displays a PACP survey form for the inspector to complete. During the export from PipeLogix the correct Hansen weighted value for the entry is returned for display and use in Hansen.

Hansen 8.2 or greater is supported whether using PACP codes or Hansen standard codes. Call for a list of customers using this process.
NDEU was developed in New Zealand by Neztek Ltd. for use with PipeLogix Software and has been in use since 2002.

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