ArcGIS Integration with PipeLogix

gis-screenshotAs an ESRI Business Partner, PipeLogix has developed a GIS interface to benefit the CCTV Inspector as well as the engineer reviewing the data in the office. ArcGIS 10.2 through 10.8.2 are currently supported for shape files, Geodatabases (Personal and Enterprise) and File Geodatabases. In addition to the PipeLogix GIS Module, an ESRI ArcGIS license is also required.

How GIS Integration Can Work For You:

The Inspector can view the pipe on the map and insert asset details into the survey form to create a survey that can be linked back to GIS.

The Pipelogix Full Reporting license with the addition of the GIS module has access to Import/Export and Map Manager functions to create and manage the map layers within projects. Exported layers of conditions or new assets can be created to update GIS and make improved decisions. A supervisor can create a project of surveys by selecting pipes in ArcMap or the PipeLogix Map Viewer from the PipeLogix Browser. A shape file or feature class can be exported after the inspections are completed to display new pipes, or pipes with selected defect types (i.e. grease, cracks), or selected grade or score values.
Using ArcMap, the engineer can link from the asset directly to the movie, pictures, or the survey in PipeLogix with the PipeLogix tool bar extension. The exported condition layers display on the pipe and link back to the movie. Only a PipeLogix GIS Module and PipeLogix Reader are required.

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