WRc Inspection Reporting Mode

Collecting pipeline inspection survey data and generating WRc compliant reports is easy with PipeLogix.  Our reporting software includes WRc reporting mode with both SRM3 and SRM4 standards.  A customizable WRc version is also included.  All use the coding standards set in the manual of Sewer Condition Classification, August, 1993, Third Edition.  Additionally, pipeline is scored and graded by our software to the exact specifications provided in SRM versions 2, 3 and 4.  In addtion to those versions, the MSCC4 coding standard is also available in versions 6.2.7 and newer.  When using the MSCC4 standard as the operating mode, all of the above options are available.


Survey In WRc Reporting Mode


WRc Code Editor

Coding defects in pipeline is fast and simple, with PipeLogix.  For easy use and access, all required codes are conveniently grouped together.  Furthermore, our software includes a feature that allows for custom codes.  Here you may add or edit codes as need.  As with all of PipeLogix code lists, you can view the code and its entry parameters.  This can be found by opening the code editor feature.  Within the code editor, PipeLogix also includes reference images for each defect.  Each of these images were supplied by the Water Research Council.  However, these reference images may also be replaced with images from your own surveys.  Finally, all code lists are printable for use as a reference.