PipeLogix Configurations For In The Field Operations

Truck Configurations

A Basic setup includes Lite Reporting with DVS to create surveys and movies with linked conditions for mainline or lateral pipes. It includes a mainline, lateral, and inclinometer survey form.  The following features are available:

  • GPS coordinates can be collected for Access Points either manually or with an integrated GPS unit. Multiple pictures can be taken and saved.
  • All Reports can be printed.
  • Most import/exports are available to use including PACP.
  • DVS Player export can create a self-loading program and files to view the survey on any computer.
  • Pipelogix interfaces with major CCTV manufacturers so the counter automatically records in the survey form and any field can be used to caption information to the video.
  • The pre-set footage can be automatically inserted at the start of the survey
  • Captions are automatically sent when an observation is saved or can be sent manually
  • A tool to insert repeat observations
  • A tool to insert information on a pipe previously surveyed.
  • Continuous defects are tracked and when finished will complete the observation for you
  • Reverse setups are auto started when the MSA code is used
  • Lateral surveys can be created with a push camera or a lateral launch camera from the mainline
Full Reporting with DVS has all the functions in Basic plus access to all of the program editors including caption editor and code editor.  Batch printing is available that can save multiple surveys as pdf files to any location. Copy/Paste can be used to move a survey to another project or database. Use the filter tool to search the database for specific conditions or date ranges and then print a report.
Manhole Module offers an in-depth survey format for the manhole and its components. Both the ASCE standard and the MACP standard can be used in conjuction with Full Reporting or Lite, or it can be used alone with the Video Capture or DVS modules. Both asset and survey forms are provided to collect and store information.
360 Module can be added to the Lite Reporting Module instead of the DVS Module or with the DVS Module. The virtual movie file is created and linked to the survey (pictures are not available). When added to a Full Reporting license it can be used to do the condition assessment and take pictures from the file. Interactive measurements are available too.
GIS module added to Basic displays a map accessible from the survey form that is created with a Full Reporting/GIS license. After selecting a pipe, detail about the pipe can be inserted into the survey form. GIS module added to Advanced provides the same function as Basic plus access to GIS import/exports.

Add Computer Hardware

A rack mount computer can be purchased from PipeLogix.  Our custom built computers come with an Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD hard drive, 500 GB SATA Hard drive, Avermedia PCIX capture device, Windows operating system, video graphic card, RS232 serial port, multiple USB ports.

A laptop computer can be purchased from PipeLogix.  Laptops come with a docking station equipped with legacy ports and an Avermedia DVD EZMaker 7 USB capture device.

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