PipeLogix Reporting Software Configurations

Because PipeLogix is sold as modules you can configure the license to meet your needs. You just need to start with a Reporting module for pipes or manholes and add additional capabilities.

  • Full Reporting
    • As the name implies this module has mainline, lateral, inclinometer and grout surveys, and mainline, lateral asset editors.  It also includes all program editors to modify text captions on video and codes and administration to create mandatory survey fields.
  • Lite Reporting
    • This module has all survey functions for mainline, lateral, inclinometer and grout surveys.  Pictures can be taken and added to conditions.
  • Manhole
    • You can use this as a stand alone manhole license or it can be added to a Full Reporting or Lite Reporting license.

Additional Modules

DVS (Digital Video Survey) Module provides an improved way of viewing and storing sewer surveys that are collected each year by cities and contractors. DVS records a digital file of the survey as an mpeg or wmv file as the CCTV Operator is entering the observations seen in the pipe or manhole using PIPELOGIX.

Benefits of the DVS Module:

  • Compact storage method
  • Record in MPG 1, MPG 2 or WMV format
  • Direct access to specific survey defect sections
  • DVS Player Export to share surveys without loading any software
  • Archive of movies to network location for sharing

Features include:

  • Pause
  • Auto Pause
  • Append
  • Archive
  • File Naming
  • DVSplayer

Redesigned in 2005, DVSplayer is a great way to share information. Surveys are selected and exported quickly and easily with the built in CD/DVD burn function in PipeLogix. The disc created is auto loading, requiring no program installation by the user/viewer. View survey detail including header information, movie, pictures, and conditions. The tabular and Pipe Graphic reports are included as well as the Picture List (new with version 6.4.8). Lateral surveys done from the mainline are available as links off the mainline.

Manhole Module offers an in-depth survey format for the manhole and its components. Both the ASCE standard and the MACP standard can be used in conjuction with Full Reporting or Lite, or it can be used alone with the Video Capture or DVS modules. Both asset and survey forms are provided to collect and store information.

MACP mode is available when PACP mode is selected in the project. It was released with Version 6.2.4 in August 2007 and certifed by NASSCO on September 19, 2007. It was certified to the latest Version 6.0 standard in March 2011 and now offers the new Level 1 and Level 2 Inspections.

The 360 Survey Module is designed to work with the new scanning cameras like Panoramo and Panoramo SI.

When 360 is paired with a Lite Reporting License, it launches the Panoramo scanner and also creates Mini-movies. The IPF file is created and can be played back and reviewed.
The powerful analysis tools built into 360 are combined with a Full Reporting License to create accurate survey data from three different pipe views. The Full View resembles the traditional survey movie with travel through the pipe controlled by your computer mouse. You can travel fast, slow, pan and tilt or zoom to problems.

Log observations into the survey form; footage and clock reference are automatically entered. Take pictures or use the measuring tools; they both link directly back to the PIPELOGIX survey form (Version 6.2.9 or later required). The start and end of a continuous defect can be seen in the Overview layout. Log the start of the continuous defect and the End Continuous Defect button automatically enters the accurate ending footage. Re-occurring conditions like Tap Factory Active are automatically entered with the Repeat Observation Tool Button.
When combined with a Manhole License, 360 can launch the Panoramo SI scanner to create the IPF file as well as create a manhole survey in MACP or ASCE format. All of the same capabilities you have with Full Reporting are available to you.

The GIS module was developed to give the CCTV Operator a visual aid in selecting the pipe to survey. Since its release in 2004, new functionality has been added to assist the Supervisor and Engineer.  An ArcGIS license is required and ArcGIS 10.o through ArcGIS 10.4 are supported.

Full Reporting and GIS module

  • Import asset layers
  • Import visual layers including Raster files
  • Export survey detail
  • Export shape files for New Pipes, Pipes with specific conditions, or Pipes with selected Grade or Score Values
  • Select a group of pipes from the map displayed in the PipeLogix Browser and create a project of surveys
  • Build a flow layer to view the flow direction in the pipes
  • Export the survey conditions to display in ArcMap at the recorded distance

Lite Reporting and GIS module

  • Inspector can select pipes to inspect from displayed map in the survey form
  • Surveyed pipes are highlighted on the map so the Inspector knows what pipes are completed
  • Annotate layers

ArcMap Toolbar

  • View from ArcMap the surveys, video, pictures, or reports for the pipe
  • Select a group of pipes from ArcMap and create a project of surveys in PipeLogix
  • Import a group of pipes from a geodatabase and create a project of surveys with a map in PipeLogix
  • Link the exported layer of conditions in ArcMap directly to the movie