When it comes to NASSCO certified software, PipeLogix is the software of choice for ease of use, clarity, flexibility and informative reports.  New PipeLogix licenses also come with NASSCO’s recently released PACP/LACP/MACP 7.0 coding language.

PipeLogix integrates with your camera equipment to make recording surveys easy.  This includes:

  • Connecting to your camera’s video feed: PipeLogix connects to your camera’s video feed allowing you to record and save survey videos in a variety of digital formats.
  • Integrating survey information into text overlays: PipeLogix communicates with your inspection equipment’s controller giving it the information from your survey header or observations for easy video captioning
  • Integrated footage counter: PipeLogix communicates with your controller allowing you to zero out or set the footage to a desired length form inside the program.  Also, when you enter a new observation during a survey PipeLogix automatically supplies you with the current footage count.

PipeLogix is sold as modules so you can start with the basic inspection package and add modules as needed.  All modes are available with the core module and contain a complete set of pipe defect codes so you are up and running in 15 minutes, producing professional reports.

With release of version 6.5.0 Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 are all supported operating systems.  PipeLogix also fully integrates with all camera systems.

Mainline Inspection

Reporting Software For Mainline Pipeline Inspections


Lateral Inspection

Reporting Software For The Inspection Of Lateral Pipelines


Manhole Inspection

Reporting Software For Manhole and 360 Manhole Inspections


GIS Integration

GIS Solutions for Integrating Pipeline Inspection Data


NASSCO Features In PipeLogix

  • All NASSCO PACP defect codes

  • All NASSCO LACP defect codes

  • Ten custom fields
  • Evaluation reports including quick rating
  • Code validation—required fields must have valid entries
  • Surveyors Name can be selected to automatically include their NASSCO Certificate Number

  • Import and Export to PACP Version 6.0 database (earlier versions of import supported)
  • Import/Export to a NASSCO PACP Version 7.0 database

  • Complete pipe defect code set
  • Choice of report formats
  • Database functions i.e. Backup, Filter, etc.
  • Context sensitive help file
  • In-house software engineer and technical support desk
  • Works on a laptop, desktop or rack mount computer
  • Free reader available for sharing reports electronically
  • Works with all CCTV systems

Solutions For the Truck


Solutions For the Office


Solutions For Engineers

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