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The Pipelogix Phoenix Training Course will include the basic understanding of how the software operates with step-by-step instructions for efficient and productive reporting. (Databases, Surveys, Mainline (PACP), Laterals (LACP), Manholes (MACP), Video Capture, GIS, reporting, etc.) Version 1.2.6 users will have the benefits of going over all new features as well as new modules and students will have the opportunity to discuss any PipeLogix Phoenix questions they may have.
The course will cover the following topics

  1. Phoenix Login Screen
  2. Browser
  3. New Database
  4. Project Page
  5. Mainline Survey Header Page
  6. Observations + Completing surveys
  7. DVS
  8. Lateral Survey Header Page
  9. Manhole Survey Header Page
  10. Reports
  11. Report Binder
  12. Database Synchronization
  13. SQL database
  14. Bookmarks & History
  15. Phoenix Security Database
  16. GIS Setup
  17. Backup Database (Access only)
  18. File Naming

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